Karol Bagh Market Parking

The stack parking facility at Karol Bagh market place has been a project that has been in the pipeline for almost four years now. It has experienced severe operational delays. It would take some time for the stack parking facility to be set up at the Sat Bhirawan Raod at Karol Bagh. This project was expected to be completed before the Commonwealth Games in 2010. Though it was started off during 2009, the project’s final launch date was fixed at August 31, 2013.

Mr. Rajesh Bhatia, the Municipal Councilor of the Karol Bagh area, had informed the media that the project was complete but the no objection certification is to be obtained from the Delhi Fire Services. He also confirmed that once this certificate is received, the project would be declared open. Since this place is visited by hundreds of people every day, there was a necessity to set up designated parking spaces, so that the congestion problems could be reduced to a greater extent.

Mr. Rajesh Bhatia has also confirmed that though the project was in the pipeline for four long years, it was not being given the due importance because of the complacent approach of the officers in charge. He had to step in to act as a catalyst for this project as the place was in dire need of a parking space. Traffic congestion was beginning to grow at an alarming rate and it was getting difficult to control and manage the operations there in the absence of a proper and designated parking space.

The news has come in as a pleasant surprise for the huge number of traders in the Karol Bagh area. The traders had contributed to around 29 crores for setting up an exclusive parking space, but nothing materialized for a long time. Similarly, the Shastri Park area at Karol Bagh Market too was supposed to receive a multi-level parking facility under the joint ownership of the private and public sectors, but there has been no news on this project as of now.

Traders feel that that the Shastri Nagar parking space was planned at three levels, but there wasn’t much thought given to the design of the same and that was the main reason as to why the project didn’t take off as expected. It was expected to accommodate 90 cars at a cost of Rs 80 lakh, however, it got embroiled in some ugly court cases. Though the case reached a resolution, the project didn’t take off, as it was stalled due to the 2010 Commonwealth Games.