In Jhandewalan Forehead, a historical Hindu temple is devoted to the Maa Aadi Shakti (avatar of the goddess Durga). The temple has been situated at Jhandewalan Street on way to Karol Bagh, Delhi, India. The temple is a another popular and well known shrine of the goddess. The temple gets a lot of devotees throughout the season. The name Jhandewalan was given during Shah Jahan's rule due to prayer banners or 'jhandas' being provided.

It is said that Jhandewalan was situated in the hill area. When this position was excavated then sanctum of goddess was originated and at this position, the temple was built. It is considered that Badri Bhagat, a devotee of Matarani, dreamt about her and she informed him about the goddess’s idol. Thereafter, this temple was designed at the same position. The unique idol of the Jhandewali Mata is existing at walk out. The temple has been a popular religious site for Hindus. Here everyone is welcomed and offers prayers regardless of ones caste and position. This temple is echoed with day and evening chanting of goddess’s mantras. The devotees are endowed with pleasure, serenity and excellent wellness by the goddess.

Many celebrations are famous at Jhandewalan Forehead. On the event of the Durga Puja as well as on Navratris, a unique Puja is functioned. The temple's religious atmosphere gives satisfaction and center to devotees.