Head to the Grocery Shopping at Karol Bagh Market at Wholesale Rates

Karol Bagh – Blend of the old and new

If you prepare a list of the top ten oldest markets in Delhi, Karol Bagh would surely figure in them. While on one side the air conditioned and branded stalls give Karol Bagh a new charm and vigour, the architectural style of the buildings here and the entire ambience around the market has an old world charm around it, that cannot be ignored by any newcomer to the market.  Though there are many kinds of activities that you can do here, grocery shopping in Karol Bagh Market is indeed one of the must-do things here. You can visit the shops by the time they open around 10AM to get your fresh collection of groceries. There are quite a few shops here that bring deliver goods right at your home for minimal charges. At Karol Bagh market, you can be assured of two things – high quality of products and affordable prices.

Confectionary shops in Karol Bagh Market

Karol Bagh is one of the best places in Delhi if you are looking to purchase confectionary items. All kinds of local sweets and sweetmeats are found in these shops. It is very difficult to find such a huge collection of sweet shops anywhere else in the country. During times of festivals like Navratri, Diwali etc. the confectionary lane at Karol Bagh Market exudes new life with a large collection of exotic sweets from different parts of the country. Festive time is the best time for visiting these confectionary shops, as you will be introduced to new flavours of sweets here during this time. If you are health conscious and are on diet, you are advised not to come to this lane. Made out of pure ghee and fried in hot oil, most of these sweets are sinful fantasies indeed!